Where are all the undiagnosed HCV cases?

A report back on Dr Anne Balcomb’s session: Where are all the undiagnosed HCV cases? Delivered at the Treating Hepatitis C in General Practice Forum.

Anne outlined her work as a GP working in a hospital interface role in a small town and finding and managing patients with viral hepatitis.

Anne emphasised being non-judgemental, not to label people as this was for jars only, offering practical solutions whilst having a hearty debate, to make people feel welcome and taken care of and kept informed of the plan for management .  She saw her role as liver cancer prevention.  She advised to always remember and check for Hepatitis B as well. She suggested the useful tools on the ASHM website for help including a tool on addressing stigma.  Anne reminded us to remove the diagnosis from the patient’s problem list once they had been cleared of the virus.

I found this excellent advice and she offered good practical suggestions for me as a GP to use on a day to day basis. The ASHM web tools that she recommended are very useful and a great resource, particularly for GPs who are starting off in actively detecting and then treating patients who are infected with Hepatitis C as well as other viral hepatitis. 

Author bio: I have worked in General practice in Launceston, Tasmania for 25 years.  I love Tasmania for its greenness and the amazing scenery and places to walk and explore. I enjoy the breadth of GP presentations and continually try to provide the best care for anyone who sees me by not judging them and trying to make them feel comfortable that I have their concerns and needs front and centre in the treatment plan.