• The Kombi Clinic – Breaking down Barriers to Hepatitis C Testing and Treatment

    ( A report back from Dr Joss O’Loan - Kombi Clinic: It's the End of the Road for Hep C - Treating Hepatitis C in General Practice Forum)

    There was no doubt that Joss O’Loan’s presentation about the Kombi Clinic stole the attention of the whole Hepatitis C forum. It was very entertaining. Two dedicated doctors, one nurse and a phlebotomist allocating one session per week to go on a mobile clinic to do hepatitis C testing and treatment, reaching out to people who need it the most. They recognise the hot spots where there are people that need to be screened eg. Alchohol, Tobacco and other drugs (ATOD) clinics. Their target is to increase the detection rates among high risk groups by increasing access to medical services. They have their own mobile Firboscan which makes the process a whole lot easier.