• On-demand PrEP Dosing

    At the risk of repeating what has already been summarised by my colleagues, I feel a sense of obligation to report back on the data presented regarding on-demand PrEP in the MSM community due to the widespread interest and the fact that with PrEP being available on the PBS, many GPs will likely be fielding questions about this dosing option, which has been in the ASHM PrEP guidelines as an option in the MSM community albeit with only early evidence.

  • Next-generation HIV prevention

    Given the evident ongoing interest in PrEP at AIDS2018, this session was surprisingly undersubscribed. Not only did the presenters review the current PrEP data from clinical trials and real-life implementation, but also data related to novel and next-generation PrEP and antibody mediated HIV prevention.

  • Coming of age with HIV: A testimony of our success and a measure of our readiness for the future

    Given our aging population and the significant advances in management of HIV, I was incredibly interested to attend this session regarding the management of issues arising in aging of PLWHIV. Although interesting, this session did not focus on clinical care of the aged, but instead on those who will be living with chronic HIV in the future, and health system structure and program development in preparedness for the management of a wide spectrum of non-communicable diseases that we are witnessing in PLWHIV.

  • HIV transmission: Virus, host and microbiome

    Day 2, also known as so many sessions and so little time! I'm pretty certain that we all attended the very in-demand session on ART strategies where data was presented on controversial (and very publically challenged) DTG monotherapy, as well as the 48 week results from the GEMINI study (DTG/3TC two drug regime in treatment-naive adults with HIV-1 infection), which has been summarised in a post by Dr Vincent Cornelisse.

  • Strategies for diagnosing and managing acute HIV infection in the context of PrEP and immediate ARV

    Toward the end of a very busy first day of the conference, a number of us attended this symposium that sought to highlight the complexities of diagnosing/managing acute HIV infection in those who are on PrEP or PEP or those who commenced immediate ART shortly after viral acquisition.