In 2018, ASHM proudly announced the establishment of The Levinia Crooks Emerging Leader Awards in Viral Hepatitis and BBV/STI. These two eponymous awards honour the legacy of the late  Adjunct Professor Levinia Crooks AM—a leader in public health and ASHM Chief Executive Officer from 1999-2017.

Two awards are given annually to recognise the outstanding work of emerging leaders in the field of viral hepatitis; and another working in blood borne viruses and sexually transmissible infections (BBV and STI). The awards place importance on fostering emerging leaders to continue to develop leadership that is bold, innovative, inclusive and that inspires collaboration in the sector. 

"Like many other organisations in our sector, ASHM has been operating for close to 30 years and over this time enormously value the 'veterans' in the BBV & STI responses who have often given their time and expertise often freely," said ASHM President, Associate Professor Mark Bloch.

"The purpose of these awards recognises the importance of replenishing those experts with those who are emerging as thought and practice leaders in the field; and help to think about succession planning and mentoring them to take up senior leadership roles in due course."

"Levinia was keenly aware of this and through a number of initiatives worked to ensure that those voices were both heard and recognised and personally coached and mentored a whole generation of new leaders, researchers and practitioners. ASHM is confident that she would be proud and pleased to be associated so closely with such a recognition and that it honours her legacy and mentoring practice while thinking about future challenges and service delivery improvements, so symbolic of her approach."

The awardees accept their awards at the 2019 Australasian Viral Hepatitis Elimination Conference and the 2019 Australasian HIV&AIDS Conference where they also deliver a 10-minute, unique oral presentation. The awardees receive conference registration, funding for travel and accommodation to attend the conference if required and ASHM membership for a year.

Nominations are closed for 2019.

2019 Awardees 

2019 Levinia Crooks Emerging Leader in Viral Hepatitis Award - Behzad Hajarizadeh, Senior Lecturer, ​Viral Hepatitis Clinical Research Program,​ The Kirby Institute​.

2019 Levinia Crooks Emerging Leader in BBV/STI Award to be announced at 2019 Australasian HIV&AIDS conference.


2018 Awardees 

2018 Levinia Crooks Emerging Leader in Viral Hepatitis Award - Jennifer MacLachlan, Epidemiologist, WHO Collaborating Centre for Viral Hepatitis, The Doherty Institute.

 2018 Levinia Crooks Emerging Leader in BBV/STI Award - Dr Angie Pinto, Staff Specialist at Royal Prince Alfred hospital

Special Recognition in the 2018 Levinia Crooks Emerging Leader in BBV/STI Award - Mr Michael Brown, Aboriginal Health Worker, Cairns Sexual Health