• ​​​​In December 2015, ASHM was awarded a contract to support health professionals in Queensland by delivering quality HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health education sessions and workforce development programs​.
  • ASHM continue to work in close collaboration with Hepatitis Queensland and other sector partners throughout Queensland in order to deliver these programs.
  • In February to March 2016, a new office was established in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane and a team of ASHM staff appointed (see below).
  • Starting on 1 July 2017, ASHM will begin a new four year contract with Queensland Health, continuing our role in workforce development in HIV, viral hepatitis and sexual health across Queensland.


Meet our ASHM Queensland Team

Dr Katelin Haynes, Queensland Program ManagerDr Katelin Haynes, Queensland Program Manager

E  katelin.haynes@ashm.org.au  |  T  0423 058 692​

As the Queensland Program Manager, Katelin works across the major program areas of HIV, viral hepatitis and sexual health. Katelin has recently completed her PhD in medical research.

Interested health sector parties in Queensland (including clinicians, Aboriginal and Islander Community-controlled Health Services, community and sexual health workers and organisations) can contact Katelin about any of ASHM’s Queensland activities including:

  • Deadly Sex Congress for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workers
  • HIV, viral hepatitis, sexual health and harm reduction workforce development program
  • ASHM Membership enquiries including specific benefits and scholarships for Queensland members
  • Human T Leukemic Virus-1 Program (HTLV-1)


Melinda Hassall, Clinical Nurse (Viral Hepatitis)Melinda Hassall, Clinical Nurse Lead (Nursing Program)

E  melinda.hassall@ashm.org.au  |   0422 596 701​

As Clinical Nurse Lead, Melinda is responsible for the ongoing management and development of ASHM’s national Nursing Program.  Ensuring nurses have access to high quality and relevant training to enhance their professional development is a priority.  The Nursing Program also provides ASHM nurse members with opportunities to participate in discreet projects and activities related to advocacy, policy and practice within the HIV, viral hepatitis and sexual health sectors.

Melinda is a Registered Nurse with experience in acute care, primary health care and public health, has completed a Graduate Certificate in Health Promotion and a Masters degree in Public Health.  Melinda has a strong interest in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and the elimination of viral hepatitis.

Please contact Melinda for further information on ASHM’s nursing related activities and the Nursing Program.​


Kate Bath, Project Officer (HIV and Sexual Health)Kate Bath, Project Officer (HIV and Sexual Health)

E  kate.bath@ashm.org.au  |   0413 471 937

Kate is responsible for the delivery of the HIV s100 prescriber program​ in Queensland, including training about HIV treatment and prevention such as Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) and Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP). She also delivers training and education on STIs and sexual health.
Queensland clinicians, including GPs and PHC nurses who are interested in training and support through the HIV s100 prescriber program​ as well as workers in sexual health (both clinical and non-clinical) who are interested in training and education opportunities in providing access services to PEP and PrEP, can contact Kate directly.


Samantha Bolton, Viral Hepatitis Project Officer

E  samantha.bolton@ashm.org.au  |   0403 502 407

Samantha is responsible for the delivery of the Hepatitis B S100 Prescriber Program​ in Queensland and also coordinates training in Hepatitis C management and treatment. These programs equip primary care clinicians to diagnose, manage and monitor patients, and prescribe medications for the treatment of viral hepatitis. 
Samantha has a background in biomedical science and has completed her Master’s degree in Public Health.

Queensland clinicians who are interested in learning more about the Hepatitis B Prescriber program can contact Samantha directly to find out more about accreditation processes and upcoming training opportunities.


Shelley Kerr, Viral Hepatitis Project Officer

E  shelley.kerr@ashm.org.au  |   0421 285 479

Shelley is responsible for coordinating training in the Hepatitis B prescriber program​ and for Hepatitis C management and treatment . These programs equip clinicians to manage and monitor patients, and prescribe medications for viral hepatitis in the primary care setting.

Shelley is also responsible for coordinating training which supports pharmacists who dispense highly specialised drugs for HIV and viral hepatitis.

QLD clinicians who are interested in continuing professional development opportunities in viral hepatitis can contact Shelley directly to find out more about upcoming training.


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